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Bone & Gum Grafts in Lebanon, TN

Whether you’ve lost a tooth and need a bone graft to prepare for an implant, or you have periodontal disease and require a gum graft to treat your condition, Dr. Kirk is here to help. To learn more about bone and gum graft procedures, call us today to schedule a consultation.

Restore Your Oral Health

Bone grafts can help restore jaw bone that has been damaged by tooth loss or gum disease

Gum grafting helps eliminate periodontal bacteria and protects your gums from further harm

As an experienced oral surgeon, Dr. Kirk will always recommend the best treatment for your condition

We use sedation and minimally-invasive techniques to keep you feeling safe and comfortable throughout your procedure

Understanding Bone and Gum Grafts


What Are Bone Grafts?

Bone grafts are a type of surgical procedure used to strengthen the jaw after tooth loss has caused deterioration, or if your jaw has been damaged by periodontal disease. Bone is sourced from elsewhere on your body, or an artificial bone material can be used. This bone is surgically placed into your mouth, and as the site heals, the foreign bone bonds with your natural bone tissue to strengthen your jaw.

When Are Bone Grafts Necessary?

Bone grafts are usually used to prepare for dental implants. If your jaw is not strong enough to support an implant on its own, a graft can be used to strengthen the area and ensure that the implant has a strong, stable platform. Bone grafts may also be used to repair the damage caused by serious periodontal disease, which can destroy the gums, jaw tissue, and teeth.

What Can I Expect from the Bone Grafting Process?

To start your treatment, Dr. Kirk will clean and numb your mouth, then create an opening in the area that is to be treated. Next, he will place the bone material into this opening and ensure that it is tightly packed into place. The area is then cleaned and sutured shut. Over the next several months, the bone will bond permanently with your oral tissue.

What Are Gum Grafts?

Gum grafts are used to restore damaged or receding gums. Tissue from elsewhere on your gums or from the roof of your mouth is surgically attached to your gums in the area where tissue has receded. This treatment helps cover up the roots of your teeth and protects your smile.

When Are Gum Grafts Necessary?

Gum grafts are usually required in cases of advanced periodontal disease. This condition often results in gum recession. If you suffer from gum recession, the roots of your teeth are exposed and this often leads to infection and further damage to the teeth. Gum grafts help protect the roots of your teeth and restore the appearance of your smile.

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