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Tooth Removal

Has your dentist said you need a tooth removed?

Did your dentist refer you to an oral surgeon?

If so, the following information might be helpful.

Why Do I Need To Go To An Oral Surgeon?

There are many reasons your general dentist may send you to an oral surgeon.

Some of the more common ones are listed below:

  • You are on medications, or have medical conditions, that require special management before removing your tooth.
  • You need to be sedated or “be asleep” for your surgery.
  • You need several teeth out and want them all removed at one time.
  • You need a bone or gum graft with your tooth removal to prepare for a dental implant or bridge.
We Can Help

If any of this sounds familiar we can help.

Our team removes teeth on a daily basis.

We manage medications and special health conditions in cooperation with your medical doctor and general dentist.

Our team can provide sedation for your surgery.

If you need multiple teeth removed, we can coordinate surgical care with your general dentist.

If you are having an implant or bridge, we can place the bone and gum grafts when we remove your tooth.

If you need a tooth removed, please request an appointment to set up a consultation.