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We want you to be comfortable in choosing us as your oral surgery team.

To do so, we think it is important to have more information about our office.

This “Patient Information” area was created for that reason.

Here you will find the following:


Get to know us.

This area features patient testimonials and interviews with Dr. Kirk and staff.

Patient Experience

Get a glimpse into how we provide outstanding patient experiences.

First Visit

Before your first visit, check out this area.

It provides guidance on how to prepare for your first visit to our office. (What paperwork to fill out, what to bring, etc.)


Find out our office hours and how to request an appointment.

Payment and Insurance

This area provides details about our payment and insurance options.

You can also review our financial agreement.

Privacy Policy

Our Notice of Privacy Practices is available here.

Surgery Instructions

Explains what to do before and after your surgery.